Transparency. Security. Simplicity.


That’s survey data managed with DeviCloud.


The highly anticipated DeviCloud program is now available for use with Devico’s survey instrumentation range, making the transfer and management of data between Drillers, Geologists and Engineers, more streamlined and efficient than ever. Comprising of a thoughtfully designed interface and two-way communication, DeviCloud connects site to office in an instant to improve survey data visibility and reduce the potential for manual entry error.


With full encryption, authorisation and manageable permission levels across users, DeviCloud enables users to access data in the safest way possible whilst offering comprehensive QA reporting and multiple options for viewing, plotting and analysing surveys.

Benefits and Features

  • Sync directly to planned holes

  • Increase accuracy with multiple run averaging

  • Plot surveys across numerous parameters with 2D & 3D graphs

  • Comprehensive QA reporting

  • Controllable user permissions and editing rights

  • Organise and archive completed drilling

  • Fully encrypted security

Technical Specifications
DeviCloud Portal:

  • Survey data capacity: Infinite
  • Plotting: 2D and 3D
  • Communication: Two-way
  • Tools supported: DeviAligner, DeviGyro, DeviShot, DeviFlex


  • Hosting platform: ISO27017 certified
  • Login authentication: ISO27017 certified
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • User access: Defined by admin user

The Complete Survey System

Combine DeviGyro, DeviAligner and DeviCloud for the ultimate survey package and workflow

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Download planned holes and upload surveys directly to DeviCloud through hand pads on site
DeviCloud Hole Dashboard allows users to view, update and compare hole plans, collar positions and surveys.
Comprehensive QA reporting and analysis.

Ready to achieve absolute precision on your next drill campaign?