Portable, robust and reliable.

The DeviAligner uses advanced north seeking fibre optic gyro technology to output extremely precise azimuth and inclination values in surface and underground environments.

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  • Ultra-portable
  • Settles in ten minutes
  • Wireless communication with Android handheld device
  • Live data feed
  • Import drill setups
  • Rechargeable, commercial grade batteries. Can be hot swapped for continuous operation through a full shift.
  • Multiple size mounting bracket
  • Robust design

Technical Specifications

  • Azimuth Accuracy = 0.23° sec lat
  • Tilt and Roll Accuracy = 0.1°
  • Settling time = 10 minutes
  • Battery life = 6 hours per battery
  • Dimensions = 32.0cm x 24.9cm x 21.7cm

Surface or underground:

  • Diamond Drilling
  • RC Drilling
  • Pilot holes – Raise Bore
  • Grade Control
  • Resource Definition
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Blast Holes

The Complete Survey System

Combine DeviGyroDeviAligner and DeviCloud for the ultimate survey package and workflow

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Product Brochure

Downhole Surveys are the exclusive Australian distributors for Devico products.

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