Efficient, user-friendly and accurate core orientation for diamond drilling

DeviCore BBT features a smart wireless communication system, intuitive Android software and automatic quality control to deliver a core orientation system that is efficient, user-friendly, and highly accurate. Using premium sensor technology that is interchangeable across running gear sizes, DeviCore BBT measures inclination, orientation, gravity vector, temperature, and battery status.


  • Interchangeable sensor for multiple running gear sizes
  • Provides high orientation accuracy from 0° to +/-88° dip
  • Innovative valve system, no impact on pump-in time
  • Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) quick activation
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • User-friendly, intuitive Android operating software with at-Rig QA/QC processing
  • Records inclination data

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure (bar/psi): 300bar/4350psi
  • Temperature range: -10° to +60°C/14° to 140°F
  • Compatible sizes: AWL(WL46), BWL, BWLTK, NWL, NWLTK, HWL, PWL, ++
  • Inclination accuracy: ±0.1°
  • Tool face accuracy: ±0.2°
  • Inclination range: -90°− +90°
  • Orientation accuracy: ±0.5° per station
  • Orientation range: 0° − ±88° dip
  • Temperature: Recorded
  • Affected by magnetics: No
  • Memory: 5000 readings
  • Data communication: Wireless
  • Battery type: 2x 3.6V Lithium, or 2x 1.5V AA Alkaline
  • Battery capacity, continuous use: 450 hours (lithium)

Product Brochure
Training Video
DeviCore BBT core orientation
DeviCore BBT core orientation

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