Confidence in a tough environment


Whether it’s RC, diamond, blast hole or civil, no matter your application, DeviGyro delivers highly accurate, continuous surveying in a compact and affordable package.

The DeviGyro is a miniature continuous rate gyro sensor that utilises a proprietary navigational algorithm to deliver the high standard of quality assurance Devico products are known for.


Designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, the DeviGyro is available in multiple rugged and durable configurations to suit a range of survey applications. With uncomplicated operation and an attractive price point, the DeviGyro is resetting the standard for driller operated survey systems.


  • Continuous surveying: 10 samples per second
  • Battery: 25 hours continuous use. No charging required
  • Android operating software features built-in quality assurance processor
  • Handheld: Android 7.1 or newer
  • ADE: Save even more time and maintenance with Automatic Depth Estimation (ADE), continuous DeviGyro surveying without a DeviCounter (wireline counter). Learn more here



























Technical Specifications

  • Survey speed: Up to 100m/min* (recommended 60-80m/min)
  • Inclination accuracy: ±0.1°
  • Direction accuracy: ±0.5°
  • Tool face accuracy: ±0.2°
  • On board memory: 6hrs 40min of surveying
  • Temperature: -15° to +75°

*Not applicable in production hole applications


Cloud-based data management program, DeviCloud, makes the transfer and management of DeviGyro survey data transparent, secure and simple.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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DeviGyro RG40 (standard)

  • High-speed continuous surveying
  • Diamond drilling
  • RC drilling
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Pilot holes

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DeviGyro RG400 centralisers

  • Large scale, rotating centralisers for various civil and geotechnical applications
  • 100-400mm range
  • Works with RG40 running gear

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DeviGyro Overshot Xpress (NQ-PQ) and OX Mini (BQ/NQ)

  • High-speed continuous surveying whilst pulling core tube
  • Diamond drilling




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DeviGyro RG30 (slimline/blast holes)

  • Continuous blast hole surveying
  • Available with our continuous PHQC (Production Hole Quality Control) survey package




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