Civil Services


When it comes to borehole surveying for civil engineering, Downhole Surveys have the expertise to deliver absolute precision on your next project.


By combining highly accurate, state-of-the-art survey instrumentation with effective operating procedures and fast data processing software, Downhole Surveys can customise a survey solution to suit your project’s scope.


Downhole Surveys have provided borehole survey instrumentation to a large number of civil engineering projects in Australia and around the world, including a number of dam rehabilitation projects in the US, tunnel and rail constructions throughout Europe, and some geothermal systems here in WA.



High-speed, highly accurate continuous or multishot rate gyro system


High precision, north-seeking drill rig alignment device


Onsite/Remote Setup & Training

Offered with all rental packages, ensuring your operators have a comprehensive understanding of the tool and its operating procedures to get the best survey results.

Technical Support

Dedicated training and technical support staff are on hand to provide advice and assistance to our clients when needed.

Data Quality Assurance

DeviGyro features a powerful and comprehensive built-in quality assurance processor that provides operators with an immediate pass or fail result.


Clients are setup with DeviCloud, the latest cloud based solution that ensures data is managed with transparency, security and simplicity.


Downhole Surveys are able to offer customised survey solutions for a range of civil engineering applications, including:

  • Secant pile
  • Compensation grouting
  • Freeze grouting
  • Shaft drilling
  • Dam rehabilitation
  • Inclined anchor
  • Geothermal boreholes
  • Water well
  • Rig alignment

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