About Downhole Surveys

About Us

Downhole Surveys is an innovative Western Australian rental business with a global reach, providing precision downhole instruments to the civil engineering, mining, exploration and drilling industries. With over 30 years’ experience, Downhole Surveys are the absolute authority when it comes to directional surveying technology and techniques, and through constant research and development have become recognised as the leader in bringing innovative technology to the industry.


We specialise in selecting the best downhole survey instrument, running gear and survey method for each project, ensuring absolute precision on every survey campaign.

Our History

The concept to form a directional surveying business began with our founder and Senior Technical Advisor Mike Ayris, in the late 1980’s. When working as a draftsman on a WA mine site, he was presented with a problem.


Mike would manually draw each vertical drill hole with a straight edge and perpendicular to the surface, as all holes were presumed to be straight once upon a time. However after surveying one particularly deep hole, and plotting the data onto the cross section and plans for the mine area, Mike’s calculations showed that the deep hole was plotted over two cross sections, 25m apart.


With this particular hole deviating so much, Mike started to question whether all drill holes were indeed ‘straight’ as once presumed, and thus the idea for Downhole Surveys was formed.


From humble beginnings starting up in Kalgoorlie WA in 1989, with a single operator and a film based multishot, Downhole Surveys has gone on to become one of the leading directional surveying companies in Australia.


Our technical knowledge and experience, paired with extensive research and development, has led Downhole Surveys to introduce over 15 different surveying products/innovations to the Australian mining industry… a number that is still increasing!

Mike Ayris, Senior Technical Advisor, providing onsite training to a drill crew

Exclusive Australian Distributors for Devico Products

Devico are a leading supplier and manufacturer of directional core drilling services and borehole surveying solutions. With headquarters in Norway and a worldwide agent network, Devico’s services and products are accessible across the globe.


Downhole Surveys are the proud exclusive Australian distributors for Devico survey instrumentation, extending our supply reach to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


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