Introducing the DeviGyro


Arriving to the Australian surface diamond and RC markets this October. The DeviGyro delivers high speed, continuous surveying in a smaller, more affordable package than ever before. 

Designed with convenience and ease of use for drillers in mind, this cutting edge rate gyro system utilises a proprietary navigational algorithm to deliver the high standard of quality assurance Devico and Downhole Surveys are known for. With uncomplicated operation and an attractive price point, the DeviGyro will reset the standard for driller operated survey systems in 2020.


  • Continuous surveying: 10 samples per second
  • Battery: 24 hours continuous use. No charging required
  • Android operating software features built-in quality assurance processor
  • Handheld: Android 7.1 or newer

Technical Specifications

  • Recommended running speed: 60-80m/min (successfully tested up to
  • Positional accuracy: Misclose ≤0.2%
  • Azimuth accuracy: Typically ≤0.1°/100m
  • Inclination accuracy: +/-0.1°
  • On board memory: 6hrs 40min of surveying
  • Temperature: -20° to +60°

Current Applications (more coming soon)

  • Surface Diamond
  • Surface RC

Frequently Asked Questions

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Downhole Surveys are the exclusive Australian distributors for Devico products.

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