Australian Underground Drilling

Cutting edge equipment and the best service we’ve ever had.

Geoff Muir – Managing Director


I just wanted to say well done to you and the boys from DHS in Kalgoorlie, the support we receive has been really efficient. Jed, Chris and Cliff constantly go out of their way to back us up and it’s a big help on our end.
Adam Hunt, Supervisor

Northern Star Resources

DHS were highly responsive and flexible, tailoring their services ranging from a multi-rig reserve drill out to single rig exploration programs. Minimal downtime, quality data and top-notch service. Valued service provider to NSR’s growth strategy.

Nick Jolly, Geology Manager – Operations | Kundana

Swick Mining

So far with the Devi rapid tool we are very happy with the performance, we are saving up to ½ hour or 45min then with the previous Devi survey’s completion time. The new software on system is easy to use for the drillers. It’s easy for us supervisors to process and even when we upload it to the cloud we have had good communication with your team if any changes need to be made to survey data results. Geo’s have also given positive feedback on tool since tool has been on site. Our meters have also gone up due to quicker surveys = more bit on face time. Overall tool has been a big success.

David Haines, Supervisor

GBF Mining & Industrial Services

With your equipment and help we have greatly increased the accuracy of the production drilling on site.

Rex Smith – Engineer

Nicholson Construction Company

Thanks to the simple operation of the Azimuth Aligner ® we are now faster and more accurately  aligning our Hagby drill rig in our project in the Port of Miami tunnel. After just one hour training our crews were able to operate the device themselves. Due to its capability to adjust itself to different drill rigs and noted increase in productivity, we now recommend to include this device to our clients in our projects across the USA.

J. B. Puente – Project Engineer


The Azimuth Aligner worked great for this project.  When our setups did not involve the aligner we did not have much confidence that we were drilling in the correct direction.The gyro was easy to use, and formed a great combination when used with the aligner.  The aligner gave a good idea how we started the hole and the gyro gave a visual on where we ended up.

 A. Ebendick – Project Engineer

Poseidon Nickel

The Azimuth Aligner is an invaluable addition to our program.

The drillers and I were surprised by the errors that occur using traditional alignment techniques, and the errors that occur after initial alignment whilst pinning the face-plate, pinning the rig and during collaring. When compounded, these errors were up to 2.5 degrees in azimuth and 1.5 degrees in dip. As our average hole depth is 500m and target spacing is fairly close, without the Azimuth Aligner we would not be able to even trace these errors let alone correct them. This saves us time and money by not replicating pierce points due to alignment error, and the resulting digital geological interpretation much more closely resembles reality as we can be assured in the accuracy of our collar surveys and subsequent down-hole gyro results.

In light of this and the issues we have with magnetic ground both on surface and underground, we will continue to use the Azimuth Aligner for all our future drilling.

S. Warriner – Chief Geologist

Newmont’s Jundee Gold Mine

Previous hole alignments could be up to 1.5 hours, with the Azimuth Aligner ® it now takes no longer than 5 minutes. Prior to the Azimuth Aligner ® our Surveying staff were required to set-out and drill in tens of backsight pins into the back wall, the Azimuth Aligner ® negates the need for this process. Both instances have an obvious financial saving and production boost as were seen in our increased metre rates per shift. The Azimuth Aligner ® also prevents unplanned break-throughs due to human error from incorrect backsight set-out or driller error setting up on the wrong dip or azimuth.

We collected written feedback from our diamond drillers during the trial, some of the comments included “Easy to use”, “Saves hours on setups”, “Why wasn’t this thought of before”, and even “F….n awesome!”.

I believe this tool will become common place in the diamond drilling industry and I recommend it to others.

Stuart Perazzo – Senior Mine Geologist