Downhole Surveys

Downhole Surveys are a leading provider of high precision rental equipment to the Australian, and global, mining and civil engineering industries. Specialising in directional surveying and drill hole deviation, Downhole Surveys have spent over 25 years researching, developing and perfecting the extensive range of products, software and operating procedures offered to our clients today.

By combining the latest innovations in downhole surveying technology with exceptional customer service, Downhole Surveys provides its customers with absolute precision on every survey campaign.

  • Downhole survey instrumentation
  • Production hole quality control (PHQC)
  • Drill rig alignment devices
  • Core orientation systems
  • Wireline depth counters
  • Survey data validation

Onsite Setup & Training

Technical Support

DHS Data Portal

Data Quality Assurance


In general we found the Azimuth Aligner very useful. I’d love to see this technology incorporated into rig designs in the future.

Susan Marriott – Senior Project Geologist

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